c&c in Tanzania

c&c is currently active in the Mbeya rural district in Southern Tanzania and in the Kilimanjaro and Arusha districts of Northern Tanzania.

Coffee farmers in Tanzania are facing various climatic hazards and impacts that are directly affecting coffee production. Common climate hazards are unpredictable. Heavy rainfall within short periods, hailstorms, strong winds, rising temperatures and prolonged drought periods are only a few challenges.

Through the conduction of workshops and training on climate-smart agriculture practices to strategic partners, c&c in Tanzania shares the knowledge sector-wide. Moreover, c&c promotes climate adaptation and mitigation practices and links beneficiaries to service providers – for instance to alternative energy.

The initiative is vital in Tanzania as it is facilitating mindset in the way producers and partners look at climate change. The initiative is also, through HRNS, mainstreaming adaptation and mitigation options throughout other vital social-economic activities including gender and youth as they contribute to climate. Women and youths are the most affected demography hence their inclusion in the project enhances the subject when addressing it to direct beneficiaries.

More than 4.500 farmers have been trained on climate resilience practices in Tanzania. These practices include on and off-farm adaptation and mitigation options such as rainwater harvesting basins and trenches for field use, mulching: dry and live soil cover crops and the establishment of shade tree nursery.

Kitchen Thoughts on Gender Mainstreaming

Johannes Thoma (26), Executive Management Assistant at implementing partner Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung recently visited Tanzania to learn more about the gender component of c&c. “I have seen women walking 10 hours to get water! “, I grumbled as I lifted myself out...

A community takes care of its own water supply

The community of Idugumbi in rural Mbeya, Tanzania had faced the challenges of declining coffee yields due to the growing scarcity of water for a long time. The only available water source that was shared by 4 villages: Idugumbi, Ihombe, Iwala and Utengule, was not...

Climate Smart Innovation in Swahili

Usa River, Tanzania - December 12th, 2018 - Ubunifu is the Swahili word for creativity. And not only in Tanzania one needs a little bit of Ubunifu in order to be successful and make a difference in protecting the climate. The Mbokomu Youth Group in the Kilimanjaro...

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Through the “coffee&climate toolbox” c&c provides a quick guidance to coffee growers on best practices in adapting to and mitigating climate change.

Primus Kimaryo

Director General of Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB)

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