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(our project in Vietnam ended in 2017)

Our team in Vietnam monitored the weather patterns and their impact on coffee plants in Vietnam. This committed work contributed towards the GAP manual which has been published in English as well as in Vietnamese and was given to over 60.000 farmers in Central Highlands. Based on the findings of the baseline research, 800 farmers were trained on adaptation tools such as irrigation, fertilization, pest and disease control and intercropping. Implementing those tools is proven to be an effective safety measure for farmers against unpredictable weather patterns. Apart from working directly with smallholders, c&c through Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS) organized  training of trainers programs for experienced farmers, extension officers, traders and roasters both locally and internationally. Together with careful historic studies of climate trends and their correlation with land use aimed to contribute to the development of a national c&c strategy for Vietnam. HRNS published policies for decision makers and organized workshops on climate change with regard to the coffee industry at all levels. Thanks to this work it was possible to align the findings of various institutions and to work out a collective approach to climate change securing the production value chain and involving all its players.

The weather has been absolutely unpredictable

Dak Lak, Vietnam - February 2nd, 2018 – My name is Doan Ngoc Duc. I grow coffee in Krong Buk district, Dak Lak province. It all started 20 years ago with bare hands: we invested family money in getting a piece of land and planted our first coffee trees. We mostly...

Adapting Coffee Industry to Climate Change: Towards a National Strategy

The first multi-stakeholder discussion on this topic was organized by HRNS on behalf of the initiative for coffee&climate and CIAT in July 2017. It aimed to reveal the major issues caused to the Vietnamese coffee sector by the changing climate and develop an...

Climate Change in Vietnam: From Reports to Actions

Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam - March 15th, 2017 – Climate change has been affecting Vietnamese coffee industry for nearly a decade and is finally conceded on a state level as a real threat to the country’s economy. That was one of the central issues discussed at the...

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