The c&c approach is a five-step process that enables coffee farmers to effectively respond to climate change by a systematic risk assessment, as well as the identification and implementation of suitable adaptation options.
the c&c approach
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There is no one-size-fits-all solution for climate change adaptation in the coffee sector. Hence, the c&c approach supports the identification of solutions that are suitable for local conditions (social, environmental and economic) and the specific coffee producing area.

Science-based and farm-oriented

The c&c approach combines climate change science with proven farming methods and local expertise to reach the best possible solution. It encourages genuine cooperation between researchers and farmers in the field in order to get the most practical results.


The c&c approach engages stakeholders and farming households in the identification of local problems and potential solutions, and supports the establishment of local climate change adaptation stakeholder groups.


The c&c approach is suitable as an add-on to training or to complement existing adaptation and capacity building programs.

Learning network

The c&c approach seeks to establish a network (local, regional and potentially global) that actively exchanges information, lessons learned and experiences on work in climate change adaptation to upgrade sector knowledge.
c&c toolbox is a great platform


Hands-on and applicable tools and training materials are compiled in the c&c toolbox.

training methods

Training of Trainers approach

community of practice

c&c toolbox

South of Minas_ implementing various adaptation practices

The key concept behind the Community of Practice (CoP) approach is to facilitate structured sharing of knowledge and learnings related to the activities of coffee&climate in the specific project regions. It consists of members who interact with each other for their pursuit of a common interest, i.e. in the case of the program options for adapting to climate change. Relevant actors are connected across official organizational boundaries and departments and make up the community. CoPs provide a structured framework for members to share information, exchange, learn from each other and develop own capacities on relevant climate topics, which they can apply in their own organizations and structures. CoPs are defined by the joint knowledge of its members and participation has personal value to the individual member.

As a space for engagement, shared knowledge, interpersonal relationships and entrepreneurship, these communities are a key format to disseminate the generated knowledge of coffee&climate under a local ownership framework. By bringing together important local stakeholders CoPs can positively influence decision makers from a practical perspective and strengthen public policies regarding adaptation and mitigation strategies to be promoted in coffee production areas.

c&c toolbox

screenshot of the c&c toolbox

In response to the needs of coffee farming communities worldwide, the c&c toolbox was developed as an open online platform to effectively tackle climate change. The c&c toolbox is a compilation of field-tested tools, case studies, guidelines and training materials. It equips farmers and farming communities with valuable information about farming techniques and practices that are climate resilient. 

The c&c toolbox is a great platform to exchange knowledge on known and innovative climate-smart agriculture practices. The tools are identified and tested alongside with farmers, extensionists and some of the worlds leading climate experts. Visitors are invited to use the toolbox as an interactive platform and to also share their own experiences on effective tools. 

The coffee&climate toolbox is constantly updated and reviewed!