Hamburg, Germany – January 16th, 2018 – coffee&climate launches new online toolbox in order to support coffee farmers worldwide to react on the effects of climate change.

  • The online toolbox consolidates best climate adaptation and mitigation techniques.
  • It is free to use and openly accessible from everywhere in the world.
  • Climate change is affecting coffee production and threatening the living of coffee farming families worldwide.

Free and easy to use, openly accessible from everywhere in the world and practically supporting farmers in their response to climate change. These are just some of the attributes of the new web-based coffee&climate toolbox. The aim of it is to enable coffee farmers worldwide to effectively respond to climate change. Through the toolbox farmers, trainer of farmers and technicians can learn which agricultural techniques work under specific climatic conditions. The toolbox is a compilation of tools, climate maps, case studies, guidelines and training materials. It equips farmers and farming communities with valuable information about farming techniques and practices that are climate resilient. All provided tools are continuously tested and further developed by farmers together with some of the world´s leading scientists in the specific regions. Based on evaluations from farmers in the field, the provided materials of the toolbox are constantly updated and reviewed. Visitors are invited to use the toolbox as an interactive platform and to also share their own experiences on effective tools. Climate change poses a substantial threat to global agriculture and coffee production is highly vulnerable to this. The change implies decreasing land suitable for coffee production, severe droughts and extreme shifts in rainfall patterns. As a result of these events, climate change tends to lower crop yields and elevate costs of production that are threatening the livelihood of coffee growing families. Visit the new coffee&climate toolbox: We gratefully acknowledge our dedicated partners & members for their support! Download full media release.



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