Join our c&c webinar!

In the face of climate change, only direct action can secure the livelihood situation of millions of smallholder coffee farming families and the business profitability of the coffee industry.

Join us on Tuesday, March 16 (3pm CEST) for our webinar.


“Being cool has never been so hot – climate action for resilient livelihoods”


Recognizing that climate change will continue to impact rural areas and agriculture for years to come, we invite you to discuss the importance of the coffee sector’s involvement to establish climate resilient smallholder’s livelihoods.

Learn about the third phase of the initiative for coffee&climate and how it will continue to provide training, access to appropriate methods and know-how on climate-smart agricultural practices to ensure smallholder families and communities become resilient to climate change. We will discuss our vision on developing climate-smart coffee regions and working with carbon storage, sequestration and offsetting. And, which role the coffee industry should play in this.

Let’s develop future approaches together.


  1. Veronica Rossi | Sustainability Manager at Lavazza Foundation
  2. Cecilia Brumér | Program Specialist, Swedish Development Agendy (Sida)
  3. Dulce Posadas | Smallholder coffee farmer, Honduras
  4. Stefan Ruge | Program Manager at Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung Hamburg