Climate change and gender equality are inextricably linked. On the one hand, traditional gender roles and patriarchal systems unbalance the impact of climate change on men and women. They make women more vulnerable to it: Women and girls are those who carry a heavier workload. They are the first whose health is impaired and who must refrain from education in times of crisis. And it is women who often cannot escape a changing environment. On the other hand, women are a crucial part of the solution. They are the changemakers and innovators in society: They often decide on the daily use of resources, play a key role in agriculture and land conservation, and are early adopters of new techniques.  That’s why: Climate needs Equality – Climate Change Cannot Be Solved Without Women!

Register now for our Online Expert Discussion “Climate Needs Equality – Climate Change Cannot Be Solved Without Women”

Date:    May 31, 2023
Time:   3:30 pm – 4:30 pm (CEST) 

The speakers in the Online Expert Discussion are four experts on gender and climate who will share and discuss their perspectives and first-hand insights:

This event is part of our Awareness Month May on the topic of gender equality and climate change. Please visit our channels for more information:

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