Can you imagine our world without coffee? It’s a very real possibility.

The initiative for coffee&climate (c&c) and czech filmmaker Hedvika Michnová invite you to an exclusive online documentary premiere of ‘It’s Bean Too Hot’, followed by a Meet & Greet Event hosted by the filmmaker herself and program manager of c&c, Stefan Ruge on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 3 p.m. CEST (Hamburg Time).


How it works
The event is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Watch the documentary premiere of “It’s Bean Too Hot” on YouTube at 3 p.m. CEST.

Part 2: Register for the Meet & Greet Live Event and join us at 3:30 pm CEST.
About the Film: It’s Bean Too Hot

Michnová, a recent graduate of Falmouth University, dived deep into coffee-producing communities in Tanzania and Costa Rica to meet smallholder families who are striving to keep coffee farming alive. “It’s Bean Too Hot”, tells the story of coffee heroes – smallholder farmers who are fighting climate change every day to save their livelihoods and your daily cup of coffee.

The 30-minute documentary film, currently a finalist of the Jackson Wild Media Awards 2021, takes us to fully carbon-neutral farms, explores climate-smart agricultural practices being used to adapt to climate change and protect biodiversity, and finds out what drives smallholder families to continue producing coffee. Let’s accompany her as she finds answers on how coffee farming can succeed as a family business, how to promote women’s participation, and what the role of the consumer is.

This matter is a chain reaction. Things cannot be achieved alone. We depend on those who drink coffee, but they also depend on us.”
Emil Augustino Mzumbwe

Smallholder coffee farmer from Mbeya, South Tanzania.

I have seen farmers make progress and increase their productivity. This was possible once they changed their way of living, started to share responsibilities and began collaborating as a family in farming.

Mwajuma Hamisi

c&c agronomist, Tanzania

Contact us at in case of any questions. We hope you can join us!