“Climate change threatens the world’s coffee production. Coffee is in trouble and so are the farmer families who grow it.”

Since 2010, the initiative for coffee&climate (c&c) implements its vision to enable coffee farmers worldwide to adapt to climate change. Not only to save your daily cup of coffee, but also the operations of coffee farmers worldwide. With current commitments of coffee companies and public partners farming families will benefit from c&c activities. We work in the field together with smallholder coffee farmers, their families and communities, and local partners in a precompetitive way.

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“Gender is for Everybody”

“Gender is for Everybody”

This was our Awareness Month May “Climate Needs Equality - Climate Change Cannot Be Solved Without Women”. It was all about gender equality – and also inequality as the unfortunate status quo – and its connection to climate change, specifically in coffee-growing...

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Women’s Climate Action Starts with Education

Women’s Climate Action Starts with Education

Women at the Forefront of Climate ImpactsClimate change has emerged as one of the most pressing and urgent issues of our time, especially impacting farming communities and smallholder families. Rising temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns are far-reaching,...

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smallholder coffee farming households by 2019

Strengthening national and local institutions and implementers. Through a “Training Of Trainer” format, we qualify third parties to implement coffee&climate practices.


coffee&climate supported 31 community adaptation plans, which were facilitated and are being implemented.

Through our coffee&climate training on climate smart agriculture practices, we support farmers to increase their resilience to climate change.

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Without the trainings of c&c I am not sure if my coffee farm would be this good.
Emanuel Wilson Nkuyu

Coffee farmer from Tanzania

Through the training courses of c&c I have learned a great deal about technological methods of coffee production.

Coffee farmer from Vietnam

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c&c was started in 2010 as a public-private partnership by important coffee companies and development organisations.

Since then, various other members have joined the initiative.

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