coffee&climate toolbox

In response to the needs of coffee farming communities worldwide, the c&c toolbox was developed as an open online platform to effectively tackle climate change. The c&c toolbox is a compilation of field-tested tools, case studies, guidelines and training materials. It equips farmers and farming communities with valuable information about farming techniques and practices that are climate resilient.

The c&c toolbox is a great platform to exchange knowledge on known and innovative climate-smart agriculture practices. The tools are identified and tested alongside with farmers, trainer of farmers and some of the worlds leading climate experts. Visitors are invited to use the toolbox as an interactive platform and to also share their own experiences on effective tools.

The coffee&climate toolbox is constantly updated and reviewed!

openly accessible

The toolbox is an online platform, openly accessible from everywhere in the world.


The toolbox is developed alongside with farmers, technicians and some of the worlds leading climate experts.



The toolbox consolidates more than 25 adaptation and mitigation practices.

constantly updated

The toolbox is constantly reviewed and updated.

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