Being cool has never been so hot: The future of the coffee sector in the face of climate change.

Climate change is a global challenge and climate action a global responsibility. The coffee sector makes no difference. As the effects of climate change on coffee production are so huge that it is impossible for sector actors to address them alone, the initiative for coffee&climate (c&c) has extended a unique possibility to change this.

Climate change is not only threatening coffee supply, it is also threatening smallholder coffee farmer families’ livelihoods. Only intact coffee landscapes can ensure their well-being and, thus, future coffee supply. The time of sitting around tables, developing action plans and still doing not enough will belong to the past.

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Initiative for coffee&climate (c&c) launches third phase

With the initiative for coffee&climate (c&c) launching its third phase of implementation, the coffee sector gets the chance to combine all necessary steps to effectively tackle the effects of climate change on coffee production and producer communities in a pre-competitive and collaborative way. c&c members join forces to promote concrete actions benefitting smallholder families by enhancing the viability and resilience of coffee production systems and coffee landscapes. They pool resources, experiences and learnings. They closely collaborate towards a common goal. Climate smart tools are researched and implemented together. Knowledge is disseminated and expert committees in cooperation with the producer community analyze findings and jointly further develop the agenda. “Climate action has a growing importance for the coffee sector”, says Stefan Ruge, c&c Program Manager. “From coffee production to consumers’ morning coffee, climate has become a core topic. And we observe, that all actors are looking for partnerships to solve the challenges together.”

The initiative for coffee&climate not only brings in ten years of experiences in developing climate-smart agricultural practices like On-Farm Climate Monitoring or the production and usage of Biochar on smallholder production systems. “c&c is offering a wide range of opportunities for private and public partners, NGO’s and Academia to get involved in a strong and dedicated pre-competitive partnership,” says Ruge.

Climate resilient livelihoods and landscapes

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c&c supports smallholder coffee farmer families and their communities to effectively address climate change. Proven climate-smart solutions are shared in an open toolbox, and the families learn how to use them to improve their livelihoods. The initiative not only supports farmer families and helps to shape climate smart coffee regions, it also focuses on the establishment of carbon neutral coffee systems and fights deforestation.

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